Fauer's latest book, a complete guide to the Arricam Studio and Lite camera systems.

published by ASC Press 2002
376 pages, over 300 illustrations and photos
7.5" x 10.5"

Proceeds from sale of this book go to the ASC building campaign to fund the new ASC museum.



The essential bestseller on one of the most widely-used cameras in the world. 

published by Arriflex USA 1999
316 pages
Lots of line drawings and actual photos
6" x 9 1/4"

ARRIFLEX 16 SR3: The Book

published by Arriflex USA 1996

277 Pages
Profusely illustrated with line drawings 
by former camera assistant Mary Mortimer.

New size: 5 1/2" x 9 1/4" 
(similar size as ACCESS and Michelin Guides) 
includes free 16 SR3 INTRO Video

Excerpts from Book



New, third Edition, 
published by Focal Press, 1999.

358 pages

7" x 9 1/4"

Plethora of line drawings and photos




New, third Edition, 
published by Focal Press, 1999.

178 pages

6" x 9 1/4"

all the line drawings of the original book, 
with added photos



Includes Book and 3 VHS Video Tapes
Camera Prep
Camera Setup



out of print

A Guide to the 16 SR1 and 16 SR2 System

Now in its Fifth Printing,
over 15,000 copies.

First published in 1986 as "The 16SR BOOK,"

spiral bound,
126 pages,
black & white line drawings.


out of print
First published in 1989 as "The ARRI 35 BOOK,"
in two colors, with a spiral binding.

Second edition, renamed "ARRI 35 BOOK,"
is black and white only, and is perfect (non spiral) bound. 304 pages.



       Shooting Digital Video
Digital video is a revolutionary force in filmmaking today, and Shooting Digital Video provides a much-needed guide to selecting the right equipment for the job and using it to produce professional-level work. An excellent resource for those interested in shooting documentaries, news, shorts, home videos, corporate videos, or even low-budget features, Shooting Digital Video offers complete technological coverage - from editing to compression for the web. From acquiring and maintaining the necessary equipment to shooting and lighting your DV, this book will show both the professional and the amateur how to do it with style.
        DVCAM A Practical Guide to the Professional System
DVCAM: A Practical Guide to the Professional System, is a nuts and bolts guide for anyone who wants to learn more about Sony DVCAM, to determine what equipment to use, how various models compare, and how to use each of them. A user-friendly overview of the DVCAM format and its equipment, the text covers camcorders, cameras, tape, VTRs, editors, and accessories. The focus is on quick guides (Jump Start chapters) that show how to use the various Sony DVCAM camcorders: DSR-PD100A, DSR-PD150, DSR-250, DSR-300A, and DSR-500WS. Professionals, film students, independent feature filmmakers, schools, government agencies and military services, and news crews will benefit from its hands-on approach.

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Additions, Corrections to Books; Technical Support

So, when is it ARRI and when is it ARRIFLEX?

ARRI is the name of the company: Arnold & Richter, who manufacture the cameras in Munich (and some other places). ARRIFLEX is what ARRI makes. ARRIFLEX is the camera: ARRIFLEX 16 SR3, 435, 535, 35 BL, 35-3, 2C, 16 SR, 16S, 16M, 16BL, and so on. ARRIFLEX CORPORATION is the United States importer and distributor of ARRIFLEX Cameras, which they get from ARRI. There are many other ARRI agents around the world: including ARRI GB, ARRI CANADA, ARRI  ITALIA, and FOKI OY of Finland. No confusion there.

It took me 10 years to figure all this out, which is why the book titles changed every few years, something like a politician.

The other thing that changed is how the cameras are named, and not even ARRI or ARRIFLEX or anyone else seems consistent on this. Originally, I called it an ARRI 16SR-1. These days, it's an ARRIFLEX 16 SR1. Sorry.

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